Leading Products

Leading Products

Industrial Automation / Control Systems

We provide industrial automation & control systems to help you to optimize your operations by connecting the plant, site, facility, and the people.

Industrial instrumentation & sensing devices

We provide industrial instrumentation and sensors for conditional monitoring, flow monitoring stability monitoring, pressure and temperature data collection for process control.

Variable frequency drives

We provide highy quality variable frequency drives. They can be configured and fine-tune to generate a ramp frequency so that motor operates according to the load requirements.


EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange).
Hybrid IP Enabled / Pure IP / EPABX System

Electronic Home and Office Security / access controls

RFID & Biometrics Access Control with dual function for access and time attendance. Upto 1000 / 2000 / 4000 finger prints users.


We provide High resolution day and night camera, High resolution PTZ speed dome camera, Dome camera, IP camera, Camera and DVR controller, Digital video recorder, Monitor and lenses.

UPS Systems

We provide Powerful on-line UPS, Short backup UPS, Long Run imported UPS, Domestic UPS to fulfil your needs according to the setup they have.

Stabilizer Systems

Automatic Voltage Regulator Servo Motor Control

E-Guard security system

E-Guard is a GSM Security Device. It is cost effective and reliable device meant for shops/office home etc.

E-Guard System

E-Guard System

What is E-Gurad?

E-Guard is a GSM Security Device. It is cost effective and reliable device meant for shops/office home etc.

Once installed the device gives the user peace of mind as he knows that E-Gurad will inform him if his premises is being opened by someone.

The device has the following features:

Door Open Alert

The device can be set in Arm state by SMS command or automatically when Door is closed. It will generate an alert by SMS message and Voice Call if the Door is open when in Arm condition SMS command can Disarm the device.

Panic Switch

A push button can be pressed in case of trouble. It will send a Panic (SOS) message to the programmed numbers.

Up to three numbers can be saved to receiver Panic or Door Open Alerts.


The device is very simple to operate. The first step is to program the user numbers that will control the device and receive the alerts. All programming is by means of SMS command as listed below. When the shutter is closed the device gives the 10 sec period before going in Lock mode (or Alarm mode) during this period the shutter can be opened again without causing the hooter to be activated. After 10 sec the Hooter will be on for one sec to indicate that the shop is now lock. The programmed numbers will receive an SMS "Shop Main Shutter Close".

Once locked whenever the Shutter is Opened (even for two sec) the unit will wait for 30 sec for the reset button (Push Button on the Device) to be pressed. If Button is pressed then the device will go into Unlock condition without activating any alert. If however the reset butto is not pressed the Hooter will be activated and Number set as master (@01) will receive a Call and SMS and two other numbers (@11 @12) will also receive SMS "Shop Main Shutter Open". The Hooter will remain on for five minutes and can be only turned off by SMS command or pressed the Rest button.

The device also has a Panic button that can be placed any where away from the device like under the counter or table. The Panic button can be activated any time and it will activate the Hooter (can be also set as Silent Alert mode See @03 below). The programmed numbers will receive message "Shop Panic Pressed SOS". It is also possible to activate the Hooter remotely by sending an SMS command.